AICOK VACUUM SEALER/unboxing 1st look


Vacuum sealers are a staple in the sous vide cooking world. After all, sous vide literally translates to “under vacuum”. Here is the Aicok vacuum sealers for preserving liquids, fish, game, and delicate foods, including picks for room temperature storage.

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This Aicok vacuum sealer has a powerful motor that provides stronger suction. It helps you seal fresh fish, meat portions and vegetables much faster than others. The vacuum sealer would also save your fridge space because of the smaller portion food and without freezer burns.

The food vacuum machine has 3+Pulse functions that allow you to adjust the suction time to meet different foods need. For example, press the pulse button longer to seal fresh meat tightly and avoiding bacteria, or press it shorter to keep cookies, bread or other soft foods texture. Take your gourmet cookies and cakes with you on the long way trip.

Product Info: Aicok Food Vacuum Sealer Machine