*** Free Product for test, Free Christmas Gift


Shopping season is coming. We are planning a ‘ Test for Black Friday Promotion’ activity.
Which product do you want to test? And which product do you like the most for a Christmas Gift? Share your comment with us to win free product.

1,Application Time: Oct 8th - Dec 8th, 2018. Winners will be announced on July 9th, 2018.
Eligibility for Application: USA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, and Canada only. We are unable to ship to other countries.

2, Requirements: Leave a comment: Want to test xxx, like xxx as a Christmas Gift. Send the email to marketing@aicok.cc for product test, please remember to tell us where are you from.

3, Testers Required: No limit.

4, Free Christmas Gift Winner: 10 people. We will choose 10 people to offer the free Christmas Gift which is wished the most in the comment.

5, Aicok receives the rights for the final explanation.


Oh I want to test the Bread Maker like Bread Maker as a Christmas Gift!!

I love Aicok :heart_eyes::grinning::blush::yum:


I want to test Hot Air Fryer like Hot Air Fryer as a Christmas Gift!!

Love Aicok :heart_eyes:


Der Eiswürfelbereiter wäre super


I want to test 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker like 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker as Christmas Gift :slight_smile:

Aicok is a great brand!
Love it!


I am new in the forum!!

I want to test MK-37 Multi-Functional Stand Mixer

like MK-37 Multi-Functional Stand Mixer
as Christmas Gift

Happy to try this new brand!!


I want to test a machine .For baking .A kichtendmaschine.Or Tv.Where can i see the products i can chhose?


You can find our product from our Official website : http://aicok.cc/
Or you can search our brand " Aicok" on Amazon, thank you.


Hola, me encantaria provar el bread maker, suelo hacer pan en casa, el.mixer o la yogur maker, la.olla de coccion lenta, o la máquina de helados, me.gustan todos los productos de aicok, gracias


Hey guys,

I’d love to test an Aicok Masticating Slow Juicer. Looks like you have a green one and an orange one. I’d love to test either of them and I promise to leave a good review with photo and video.

For a Christmas gift, I like any of your Masticating juicers.



Bonjour ! J’aimerai tester un multi-cuiseurs pour préparer de bonnes recettes avec la qualité de votre produit merci


Want to test the juicer extractor AMR 521, like Juicer Extractor as a Christmas Gift. I am from Venezuela, living en United States in Kissimmee, Florida.
I Whis too much an AICOK Juicer Extractor.

Thanks, :heart: