How to Choose a Juicer You Needed---My Juicer Review


Less than a decade ago, people regarded owning a juicer as that something health nuts did. Today, it has become popular for reasons other than losing weight but for reasons that include cleansing and getting the maximum amount of nutrients from vegetables and fruits we consume.

There are probably more juicers beening sold on a daily basis than there are coffee making machines. Therefore, how to choose a juicer you really needed? Here we go!

Before you select a juicer, ask yourself the following questions, and be honest!

:yellow_heart:How much prep time am I willing to invest in my daily juicing?
:yellow_heart:How much cleanup am I willing to endure on a daily basis?
:yellow_heart:What’s my budget?
:yellow_heart:Will I be juicing wheatgrass?
:yellow_heart:What’s more important: The shelf life of my juice or the time/effort it takes to make my juice?
:yellow_heart:How much space do I have?

With your answers in mind, check out my Juicer Review infographic. Pay attention to the categories that mean most to you.

This is my best juicer review – chose for my needs

Masticating Juicers (aka cold press, slow juicer, single gear) use one slowly turning screw-shaped gear that chews up the veggies and squeezes the juice through a stainless-steel screen. This action gently tears open the cell membranes in order to release the nutrients.

Pros: Extracts more juice with higher nutritional value (enzymes included), less foam, longer fridge life (about 24-48 hours), quiet, less waste (drier pulp = less produce in garbage), most models also juice wheatgrass and make nut butters, ice cream, veggie pâtés and more.
Cons: Takes longer to prep produce and make juice (a smaller chute means that you have to cut up fruits and veggies into smaller pieces)

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This is the newest model, great review, the carrots were fantastic, overall it’s looking pretty.