It's best to drink fruit juices in the first half of the day



It’s best to drink fruit juices in the first half of the day, as it gives the complex carbohydrates that fills your day full of energy. For the latter half of the day, drink your green vegetable juices or mixed fruit and vegetable juices. Fruit digests in your body really speedily. If you pair fruit juice with a heavy meal, they digest at different times and this can cause acid reflux or indigestion. So if you prefer to have a juice with a meal, combine it with a green vegetable salad or simple raw vegetable dish. This provides the most alkalizing effect. If you go to regular workouts, then do not forget to keep your favorite juice bottle regularly. If you do exercise and drink the juice, it will be more beneficial. You will take juices of watery fruits like melons, orange, sweet lemon etc, They are a great source of energy during your exercise. and the best part is that The more you lose your energy, the more fruit benefit you will get.