Machine Review for Popcorn Aicok-By Pierfrancesco S


Have you ever thought about eating DIY popcorn rather than packaged classics? Today we’ll talk about an accessory suitable for this purpose: the Aicok Popcorn Machine !

The sales package includes, in addition to the Aicok Popcorn Machine :

  • a measuring cup;
  • a plastic lid;
  • user manual;
  • 24 month warranty.

There is not much to say about this machine, given its high ease of use and its unique function of cooking popcorn. We will try, however, to describe it in the most appropriate way.

The machine is very efficient and should not be considered as industrial machines, but much better! Being precisely more suitable for home use, it does not require very high-calorie ingredients or that can hurt.

The extreme ease of use makes it usable even by a child, since it is necessary to simply insert the corn into the body of the Aicok Popcorn Machine and press the power button. You will not need anything else, except for a wait of a few minutes !

But this accessory does not shine only in simplicity of use , but also in a quick and pleasant washing .

There is no need to insert oil or butter, on the contrary, doing so could damage the machine, so be careful!

Our impressions

The Aicok Popcorn Machine performs its work almost perfectly.

Why almost? Simply because some little ones are there, if we want to find the hair in the egg.

One of these is, for example, the difficulty in salting popcorn . In fact, it is quite complicated to make the salt adhere to the corn kernels, but we could use the trickle of pouring the popcorn into a container specially greased with oil and then inserting the salt. In this way, the viscosity of the oil allows the salt to stick to the corn walls!

Here, below, what we managed to do with this little gem!

Ultimately, do we recommend buying it? Without a doubt it is a great choice for those who like to feel at the cinema while watching a movie, organizing parties or adoring the taste of cooked corn kernels!

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