Saving both Food and Money with a Vacuum Sealer



Food can easily go bad without proper protection. A vacuum sealer can help you save both food and money.

What do you know about a vacuum sealer? What can it be used for? How to use it? Now this passage would help answer the questions.

What can a vacuum sealer be used for in general?

Seal marinated food


Seal Prepackaged Food


Seal Vegetables


How to Use a Vacuum Sealer?

  1. Add the food to the bag and put the operating end in the vacuum chamber.

  2. Press the both sides of the lid until you hear lock-up sound.

  3. Press “vacuum & seal cancel “button. Indicator will goes off when job is complete.

  4. Press “Release” button on both sides of the machine and take out the sealed food.


Why to Choose Aicok Vacuum Sealer?


  • Preserving our food 5 times longer .

  • Automatic one-button operation.

  • Indicator light to show which mode is being used and the status of sealing process

  • Very compact size.

  • 2 Year warranty.